Virtual Reality Exposure therapy
"The best recommended treatment for OCD"
Looking for an effective and efficient therapy for OCD?

The goal of treatment is to improve quality of life so that you're no longer limited by your OCD. As you learn how to better manage and relate to your reactions, thoughts and feelings, you'll find that your anxiety and fear are reduced and no longer in control of your life. Treatment is usually directed at one specific obsessive- compulsive disorder at a time.
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Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) focuses on changing your response to the object or situation that you fear. Gradual, repeated exposure to the source of your specific obsessive-compulsive disorder and the related thoughts, feelings and sensations may help you learn to manage your anxiety. 
For example, if you've anxiety of public restrooms, your therapy may progress from simply looking at a public restroom, to going near a public restroom, to stepping into a public restroom.